July 26, 2019


Well groomed and on-fleek eyebrows is on trend for the past years and a lot of different eyebrow products are already surfacing the market.  But this particular “BRUSHED-UP BROWS” that I’ve been seeing on some local celebrities like Bea Alonzo and Anne Curtis really took the beauty world some serious game. Plus, I know some of you had watched various tutorials on “How-To-Achieve Brushed-Up Brows” and some had searched for the right product to use. Well today, you are one lucky gal because I have discovered this “brow soap” that can pull off the look you always wanted without breaking the bank.  

The brow soap I am talking about is from 1212.brand called BROW CRUSH. The 1212.brand is a local shop on Instagram who sells beauty products with a cause. Fifty percent of their total sales go to the provision of school supplies to less privileged children. Also I’d like to commend their customer service. I have asked about the ingredients (for this blog) of their brow soap and they gave it to me without hesitation. Thank you very much!

On the other hand, Brow Crush comes with an aluminum sliding tin can with 80grams of product and one small angled pink spoolie. Their brow soap consists of Glycerin with Aloe vera, both ingredients has moisturizing properties that your brows/skin will surely love. Also, it’s colorless and odorless. It costs 160.00pesos which I find very affordable without compromising its performance. The packaging is good it’s very handy and compact while the mini mascara is perfectly fit on the tin can that can easily glide through the product. 

  1. slightly wet or spray your brush/spoolie or the brow soap with water/setting spray until sticky.
  2. brush your spoolie against the brow soap until the bristle collect enough product
  3. brush your eyebrows in upward stroke and shaped as desired
  4. optional: use your fave eyebrow product to fill in any sparse area or until desired brow thickness is achieved

See photos below for before and after application. (Please excuse my chubby face hehe)

without eyebrow makeup

with eyebrow makeup

The brow mascara (colored) is a good product too because it will make your eyebrows look fuller but a bit messy for me when it comes to application (or I really don’t know how to use it haha). While this brow soap (clear) is very easy to use and no mess, however if you put a lot of product it will build up a white clumps so be generous while using it. When it comes to its performance I am satisfied it made my eyebrows look neat and natural and stays intact for some time. In short, I love this Brow Crush so much! It did not irritate my skin so I can definitely say it’s safe and it’s worth it.

That’s it! Thank you very much for your time and I hope you liked this one. Until next time! Hugs x Kisses!

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