September 27, 2018


Finally! After five months of being inactive in social media including here, I am coming back to my original love…. Blogging! I got married and pregnant at the same time and I wasn’t able to update because of few preparations and adjustments. But, today I have good news that avid online shopper will really love.

I am talking about Beauty MNL’s newest shipping type the Beauty MNL’s Partner Hub. This method will let you pick-up and directly pay your orders to their pick-up points all over Metro Manila, no shipping fee required! Shop to their website or application then pick-up your orders at your selected hub near you. They are giving you seven (7) days (excluding Sundays) to claim your package plus, you can also make returns on apparels for fourteen (14) days (also excluding Sundays) if needed.

When I got the email from them announcing their newest order scheme I actually tried it immediately to test how effective this innovation is. I placed my orders last September 2 via Beauty MNL’s app and my orders arrived at my chosen Partner Hub the day after, surprisingly fast service. I have here a couple of screenshots on how I use the new shipping type.

First, order as many as you want from their website or app and then proceed to checkout. Next, select BeautyMNL Partner Hub as your shipping address.

Afterwards, choose the city and hub within the city that’s most convenient for you.

For the payment method you can choose your preferred mode of payment weather its Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Deposit or Cash-On-Delivery. If you select the COD method make sure to bring the exact amount for a hassle free transaction. After that, wait for the email confirmation (invoice) including your order summary. Then, wait for the text message from BeautyMNL confirming that your orders are ready to be picked up at your chosen Partner Hub. When I received the confirmation I immediately claim my orders at Karada Robinsons Branch (my selected hub).

Every official BeautyMNL Partner Hub has this sign on their doors.

When I entered the store I noticed one personnel wearing a name tag with BeautyMNL logo, therefore I instantly approached and told her I am going to pick-up my BeautyMNL order. She then asked for my order number together with my name to confirm and then checked it from the device she’s holding. After paying the exact amount and registering to their logbook she handed the parcel over to me then told me to check the items just to make sure that it is my exact orders and if it’s in a good condition.

And that’s it! This experience was very satisfying knowing that BeautyMNL never fails to deliver fast and very reliable service. This BeautyMNL Partner Hub is actually effective for me because this will let you check the items first hand and be able to make actions (like returning items) right away with the help of their designated personnel if really needed. But the best part here is skipping the shipping fee forever! Dreams do come true, thanks to BeautyMNL!

As of now, they have eleven (11) hubs in six (6) major cities with more to follow in the future. Here’s the complete list of BeautyMNL Partner Hubs:  

So what are you waiting for? Go shop ‘till you drop at and experience their excellent service ever. Happy shopping Beautiful!

Disclosure: Not sponsored. Artwork by Jeanne Lucero

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