March 10, 2018


Say hello to Uniqlo’s Newest Beauty Light Multiway Wireless Bra. From the word wireless,. this bra is very comfortable that makes you move effortlessly. It has a convertible straps that goes with each outfit and also you can wear it without strap because it has a slip-guard that will help the bra stay in place. It comes with four different sizes (Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large) also it has two (2) colors to choose from (Beige and Black) and it costs P990.

What’s also good about this Beauty Light Wireless Bra is, its seamless structures that won’t show under clothe, it has a wide band that will firmly supports the bust without wire, as well as a soft urethane resin (a kind of adhesive) under the cups that provides gentle support.

Then as I mentioned the convertible straps earlier, here are the four (4) different ways on how to style it, see pictures below.

I got mine (Beige – Large) through Sample Room for free and tested it for about a week and I have to say that this bra is very soft, lightweight and very gentle. I also felt way relaxed than the other “wired bras” I regularly use and the fabric is stretchable enough to support my breasts. Also this bra is easy to wash and you don’t have to worry about wire that will build up rust in the long run.

For me, wearing comfortable bra or any undergarments is very important because it will truly help you to perform all of your tasks smoothly and without the edgy feeling. It’s also a way to take care of your sensitive part and to prevent any circumstances like irritations, pain, wounds cause by exposed bra wires.

If I will be asked if I will purchase this Uniqlo Beauty Light Multiway Wireless Bra or other style of their Wireless Bra again I would say YES because, the benefits I’ll obtain from this comfortable undergarment is really worth the money. It made me feel limitless because it provides me a real comfort and relaxation the whole time I’m wearing it. Now I can be in motion while having pure comfort and a beautiful bust.

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That's it! Go now to the nearest Uniqlo Branch and grab your own Beauty Light Multiway Wireless Bra, experience the difference. Thank you very much Sample Room and Uniqlo!

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Disclosure: All the photos are from Google, but the artwork is mine.