March 22, 2018


Women’s of all ages have been using makeup, skincare or hair care ever since and it has been their way of expressing themselves and to boosts their self-confidence or even just to enhance their features. Some beauty products are available over the counter and some hard to find stuffs are offered only through online. While these days, there are lots of online shops that are surfacing the internet world and most of them are on to beauty products.

There are lots of advantages when using online shops to buy goodies, first it’s very convenient, second it’s hassle-free plus they indicate all the information, benefits, and use of the particular product that they are selling. But the best part is there are no sales ladies that will be tailing you the whole time and you’ll be able to search the products that you want to check out without hesitations. Now if you are wondering where you can find legit shops that cater Philippines, here are the top 5 trusted online “beauty” shops for you to check out – in no particular order.

#1 Beauty MNL is specially created for us FILIPINA, they provide huge selections of beauty products from local and international brand. They also shares helpful articles and hacks time to time regarding of the products that they are selling.

#2 Zalora is definitely you’re one-stop-shop because they’re not only offering clothes but they also have shoes, accessories, and beauty products from local and some international brands. Also, Zalora will never leave you hanging because they will keep you updated with the latest trend and style. They offer cash on delivery and free shipping over P995.

#3 Althea Korea is South East Asia's largest online Korean beauty store with the lowest prices shipped directly from Korea. This shop is perfect for those who are a fan of Korean Beauty or those who want to achieve their beautiful skin or makeup look, their products are guaranteed 100% authentic.

#4 Sephora Philippines is really popular in the US that now invades the Philippines. They offer beauty products including makeup, skincare, body, fragrance, nail color, and hair care. They have nearly 300 brands to check out and most of them are exclusively sold on Sephora.

#5 Calyxta is every woman's beauty source and resource.  They also have beauty articles to look forward from time to time that will really help you to look at your best. They also have wide selections of luxury, cult-favorite, and drugstore brand to choose from.

The real deal with using online shops is you have flexible time and lots of affordable options. You just have to sit, relax and just browse your favorite shops to buy stuffs in the comfort of your home.

If you have other online shops recommendations don’t hesitate to share it with us.
Thank you very much!

Disclosure: Artwork by Jeanne Lucero


  1. sa list mo, yung calyxta lang yung di ako familiar! i'm gonna check it out ;) thanks for this though! :)

    xoxo, rae