January 24, 2018


This kit has you covered for your next vacation.

Today’s beauty hack is ideal for those who love to travel and are always on the go. Since summer is fast approaching, it’s a good idea to plan your essentials before looking for the perfect place to have fun and relax.

Of course, summer fun usually requires being under the sun, and too much exposure to the sun can cause some serious skin damage. There are tons of products to help protect your skin, but it can be a hassle to carry around all those tubes and bottles on your weekend getaway.

Beauty sets like VMV Hypoallergenics’ Vacation Kit trim down your skincare routine to the essentials to save you time and space for your summer escapes. The kit comes with four travel-sized products: the Id Clarifying Body Soap, the Essence Clark Wash Hair + Body “Big Softie” Shampoo, the Id Monolaurin Gel, and the Armada Sport 70.

VMV Hypoallergenics’ Vacation Kit comes packed with four conveniently-sized skincare essentials for fun under the sun.

1. Id Clarifying Body Soap Mini

The salicylic acid and apricot kernel combo of this soap bar will thoroughly cleanse your skin after a long day on the sand. Salicylic acid’s exfoliating process will help clear up pimples and other bumps, while the vitamin A-rich apricot kernels work to remove dull skin cells and soften the skin. You’ll definitely feel refreshed after your bath.

2. Essence Skin-Saving Clark Wash Hair + Body “Big Softie” Shampoo Mini

The Clark Wash is perfect for acne, rashes, hyperpigmentation, and other skin problems that can come along with too much time in the sun. Unlike some other anti-acne products, it’s non-drying and non-irritating. Even better, it’s multi-purpose — you can use it as both a shampoo and a body wash.

3. Id Monolaurin Gel Mini

This clear gel is super gentle, yet packs a punch in protecting your skin. It contains monolaurin, an anti-bacterial derived from coconut that works against acne and other skin irritations.
To use, apply to affected areas and allow the skin to absorb. It does sting a little bit at first, but we promise your skin will feel cooler and calmer right after.

4. Armada 70 Mini

No summer skincare routine is complete without sunscreen. The Armada Sports 70 is lightweight but powerful, with combined PFAs and SPFs as high as 70–90 to shield UVA and UVB rays. It’s water-resistant, so your skin will stay protected even when you’re in the water or sweating under the summer sun.

To use, shake well and spread liberally over face and body. Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure.

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These four travel essentials will have you covered from head to toe for your next vacation. The best part? They’re all under 100ml, which means that you can pack them in your carry-on.

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The Beauty Hack: VMVacation Kit is available online at ZALORA, and comes with a cute cosmetic pouch to make packing for your summer getaway even easier.

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