March 26, 2017


Nowadays, we are seeing more artistic things and innovative products that are coming out in the market and I’m so glad to see those people who have been creating beautiful stuffs and make profit using their own talent. But there is this product that every time I see my heart literally melts by their cuteness, to the point that I just want to stare at them the whole day! Well, I’m talking about the popular “animated socks”. At first, I didn’t know that socks could be creative than the usual and way more appealing to the eyes by adding some cute cartoon characters, food emoticons, lively colors and stripes, and even from a movie theme, seeing those designs makes me want to buy them all and wear it all at once hahaha! Anyway, do you want to know where I got those socks (picture above)? Go click read more....

StreetSocksPH started selling stylish socks last October 2016; they offer a wide range of different designs and style that will give you a hard time to decide what to buy, while the price is at 120php (if you buy online) and 150php (if you buy at their physical store) that implies to all design. Plus, if you want to check the socks personally you can go and drop by at District Twenty One as they have an outlet there. On the other hand, let’s take a closer look with what I got from @streetsocksph.

Maybe you’re asking, what’s the difference between the normal socks with these animated socks? Well, it has the same benefit and use but if you are up for a change (with a little bit of color) might as well go for the unusual. Though, there’s nothing wrong with taking risks to try different styles as long as you’re happy expressing yourself, then go for it!

That’s it! Don’t forget to grab your own pair of socks and follow StreetSocksPH for more designs. Thank you very much!

Instagram: @streetsocksph
Facebook: Street Socks

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