February 19, 2017


Hello Beautiful! I hope you had a great time spending Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. Anyway I’m going to share to you my newest “makeup line” discovery from Royale Business Club but for those who don’t know yet what Royale is, they are known for selling skin whitening soaps, beverages and food supplements of all sorts. Now, from skin care products they created their very own cosmetics line which named “Beautē Makeup Cosmetics”.

The said makeup line is formulated and sealed in France, a country known to manufacture the safest and best beauty products there are in the world. It is a Mineral Makeup that will let your skin breathe; also Paraben and Lead Free. Royale makeup line contains antioxidants to protect your skin against free radicals and they are infused with pigment that will give your skin that smooth and even complexion. They are Hypoallergenic and Non-comedogenic meaning it’s specially formulated not to cause blocked pores. In spite of the good qualities of the product they (Royale) are still selling it for a very affordable price. Isn’t it cool? Now let me show you what I received from them.

Available shades: Natural Beige, Medium Beige and Perfect Beige

Its cream-to-powder consistency is buildable and it offers heavy coverage yet still feels light on the skin. Unlike any ordinary cream foundation out in the market, this Perfect Cream Foundation blends well with skin without the usual skin prepping. I also like how the product stays almost a day without making my skin oily!

Available colors: Medium Auburn and Dark Auburn

Shape, fill in and define eyebrows with ease and in finest precision because of its rich formula that can stay all day long.

Available shades: Natural, Cool Natural and Warm Natural

This is perfect for quick touch-ups, as it give shine-free coverage in a snap. I really love this one because its super matte finish but I don’t like the sponge because it smells like rubber.

Available color: Walnut

This matte eyeshadow is made up of fine and silky powder. It’s highly pigmented that even with a small amount of product you can tell how vivid the colors are. This is perfect for everyday makeup look.

Available colors: Chocolate, Adore, Interlude, Electra, Queen Africa, Real Nude, Jewel and Love

This kiss proof matte lip cream keeps lips made up for hours. But I think they need some improvements with the consistency plus the wand. I actually had a hard time applying and removing the product on my lips. The wand is not a friendly user because of its straight and unmanageable feature, maybe if they use the fine tip and slanted one it would be better. While the consistency is extremely matte (well that’s good news for some reason) but it’s really dry that cause me a lot of time and somewhat it hurts while removing it. So you better use moisturizer for lips like lip gloss or petroleum jelly (which I preferred) before applying it. But I love how pigmented the color is, thumbs up for that!

Available colors: Passion, Hope, Luxor, Brown Sugar, Medusa and Fire Amber

This lipstick moisturizes and nourishes lips with safe and natural active ingredients and it’s free from petrochemicals (a chemical obtained from petroleum and natural gas). It comes with mush-have chic shades that are perfect for all occasions.

Royale Beautē products are really awesome especially when it comes to color consistency and quality. There are some improvements to be addressed with, however my overall experience was really great and I think this could be lined up with other local makeup brands. By the way, here’s the “Beautē Look” I created using all the products above.

That’s it! I hope you find this blog really helpful and if you have questions don’t hesitate to comment it below. Until next time!

Thank you very much Royale Business Club!
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