December 6, 2016


Did you know that there are ways to take care of your favorite bag and at the same time make it more fashionable than before? Well, let me introduced you to @ohmybagphils, I recently discovered them on Instagram and they are selling different bag accessories like base shaper, bag stuffer, bag raincoat (which I will purchase soon), dehumidifiers, dust bag and handle wrap. I love how they encourage us to take care of our bags without spending too much money, which leads me to purchase their super gorgeous handle wraps.

What I got is called "Lavinia" and "Vivienne" it is a dainty fabric with sophisticated print and colors that can transform your bag and make a whole new look.


- Price: 299.00
- Made of Satin Material
- Approximate Dimensions: Length: 37.5 inches / Width: 1.5 inches


- Price: 299.00
- Made of Polyester Material
- Approximate Dimensions: Length: 37.5 inches / Width: 1.5 inches

They're super pretty, right? :)

Before, I never thought that there is a way that can protect our beloved bags from damages that may occur while using it or restoring improperly. But now, Thanks to Oh My Bag Phils for bringing the idea comes to life. I'm really amazed with what their product can do to keep our bags stays in shape while doing it fashionably.

I highly recommend this handle wrap as well as the other product of Oh My Bag Phils to the ladies who loves bag or bag collectors out there because this product will help you a lot.

You can check their other products by visiting or follow them on Instagram @ohmybagphils. That's it! If you still have tips on how you take care of your bags just don't forget to leave your comment below. Thank you very much!

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