October 20, 2016


Say hello to iWhite Korea’s newest product the PORE PURIFYING BALM which will help you to get rid those stubborn pore clogging dirt in a more effective way.

This Pore Purifying Balm is a great partner product to iWhite Korea’s Nose Pack & Whitening Pack as it effectively helps loosen up and absorb the stubborn pore clogging oils, dirt, and toxins present in the pores. It contains Kaolin to help oil improve skin’s balance to fight breakouts and infused with antibacterial properties to ensure that your pores are purified. It also has Salicylic Acid to effectively penetrate the pores and exfoliate from within making it effective in reducing breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads.

The pictures below will guide you step-by-step on how to properly use this purifier together with other products of iWhite Korea.

Tip: To achieve the perfect application, take the drying time to relax and pamper yourself. See the picture below for the best example.

Of course, before I write this review I have to try and experience the product effectiveness for me to be able to share the whole truth and nothing but the truth hahaha. Anyway, I strictly followed the steps on how to use the product but unfortunately I forget to take pictures while using it because I was so excited for the result. But I didn’t forget to take a picture of this; 
(WARNING: the following pictures are really unpleasant. So if you can’t take this kind of pictures please exit immediately. Thank you!)

(when zoomed in) 

Yes, all of that dirt is from my pores, grabe ang dami nila diba? Hahaha! Actually at first I was not expecting a good result because honestly their nose pack alone is not that helpful. But when I knew the right way to apply it and with the help of Pore Purifying Balm, it became really useful and much more effective than before plus, it’s very affordable!

My overall experience was great and I am extremely satisfied with what the product can do and how effective it is. In terms of the availability, you can easily purchase iWhite products to All Department Stores Nationwide and selected 7/11 branches.

So, if you haven’t tried this Pore Purifying Balm yet, head over to the nearest store and grab yours now! Don’t hesitate to comment your questions below and if you already used the product let me and other girls know what your experience was. Thank you very much and see you on my next blog! :*

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  1. Can we use the purifying balm everyday without using the nose pack?

    1. It's better if you use with nose pack for better results. :)