November 12, 2014


Putting makeup on is very easy, but removing it can be a boring task. You have to wash your face so many times and apply some cleansing products before the makeup are completely removed. If you want a perfect way to remove your makeup throughly and easily, don't worry because now BIFESTA CLEANSING LOTION invaded the Philippines!

BIFESTA is a popular product for makeup remover from Japan. "Bi" means beauty in Japanese while "festa" is an abbreviation of festival, signifying the celebration of beauty.

Now let's start the review bella! :)
Here 's my face with makeup on. I'm wearing it almost 8 hours and retouched about 1 time only. When I'm already home I decided to retouch my makeup especially my eyebrows to see how the product really work if I have a lot of dirt on my face :)

1st step:
Wet cotton pad with the product.

Since I only have a sample sachet. The cotton pad I'm holding is wet with the product already

 2nd step:
Wipe your face gently. 

For heavy makeup users, change cotton and repeat the process until no traces of dirt can be seen. When removing eye makeup, hold the cotton pad against the eye for a while then carefully wipe it off in downward motion to avoid contact with eyes. No need to rinse. Continue to the next regimen.

See the dirt all over the wet cotton pad? It gently removes makeup in just one easy step.

How BIFESTA works:

- Cleansing solution that contains a moisturizing agent that absorbs the makeup and 

dirt from your face quickly.

- The moisturizing agent wraps around makeup and dirt then lifts they away from the skin, 

never allowing it to remain on skin.

- Bifesta powerful cleansing ensures all makeup is remove and glued to 
the cotton pads taking it away from skin.

I like the part that It cleanse my face and can be moisturize at the same time. 

I wipe the left part of my face several times to cleanse it. 
- It doesn't have an overpowering smell.
- It is water based and easily absorbed by the skin.
- No need to rinse. (For the lazy people like me haha!)
- No stingy feeling.
- You can use it on your face lips, eyes and even body makeup. No need to buy a separate lip and makeup remover. 
- You'll feel smooth and hydrated skin after use.
- Hypoallergenic
- This is available at Watsons and SM Department Stores.

- I find quite expensive. It's P419.00 for 300ml. (But it's worth it)

This is my face when I woke up. My skin turned into beautiful, clear, healthy looking skin. I highly recommend you to try it because it can remove makeup with ease and at the same time help hydrate and moisturize the skin. I will definitely buy one :)))

RATINGS: 10/10

Thank you Bifesta for introducing this kind of product!
For more product info just go here: Bifesta Philippines

Thank you BDJ for giving this free sample!
Disclosure: Free Product from BDJ's Event.

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